Why businesses fail, common mistakes to avoid

This is another "tough love" post. Everyone thinks that they have the next billion-dollar idea. But let me tell you the truth. You don't! Ideas are Nothing - Execution is Everything. And when I mean everything, it … Read More

How to get unfucked after a crisis?

As we start coming back to the market place and reopen businesses, it's a perfect time to take a step back, and well, unfuck your business and marketing. Coming from a market feast to famine, how do we navigate … Read More

How to create an effective brand strategy?

Let’s be honest, unless you’re the well-known incumbent in your industry, you’re not even starting the selling process in neutral territory, but rather you’re starting behind, in negative territory. Even … Read More

What makes a good brand identity (logo)?

The brand identity or logo is a crucial part of your brand. It is the face of the brand, and it is often the first thing that a customer comes in contact with. To create a compelling brand identity, it needs to … Read More

How to name your brand

Having created hundreds of brands over the years, we are often asked, how do you choose a great brand name? Well, it starts with your brand strategy. Why is that a problem? Usually, people start their business out … Read More

Will the right hosting save your business?

We spend a lot of time talking about creating the right website for you and your brand. But another key and often overlooked aspect of a website is the question of the hosting. Does it matter where you host your … Read More

How to get found online, and perform SEO

OK, we know we are going to upset a lot of people with what we are going to tell you in this article, but it needs to be said. All of the off the shelf “solutions” for SEO are complete and total BS. There are … Read More

What Makes A Bad Logo?

We spend a lot of time talking about the elements of great logo design. We thought it was high time we showed you some examples of what DOES NOT make for a great logo. We scoured the internet to find the best of … Read More

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