Do you have an effective plan of attack?Are you running your business, or is it running you?Let us help you unfuck your strategy and regain control of your business and LIFE.

Don’t just throw shit against the wall and hope it sticks.

While chance favors the prepared mind, we cannot bank on, nor rely on luck for consistency.

All too often, we run into businesses that got an amazing “lucky break” that took them from nothing to some form of success. But like all businesses, without a plan, eventually your luck will run out, and you will fail.

Don’t become a statistic. Great businesses are driven by effective brand and business strategies.

Whether you are starting a new business or looking to unfuck an existing one, we can help. We leverage a unique team of experts who have experience unfucking all kinds of companies from small mom and pop to Fortune 100 global brands.

We can help bring clarity to determine where you are, where you want to go and create an effective road map. Hell, we can even guide you there.

Defining your business strategy will determine the direction of your business, and doing so with clarity will help you achieve your goals, quicker, and more efficiently. Let us help you define your strategy, and translate it into clearly defined, realistic, and effective solutions.

The following are some of the many strategic services we offer.

Starting a new business

In some situations, starting a business is easy, but for many considerations must be taken into account. Everything from the type of entity you need, to where to create it are just a few strategic considerations. Beyond these, you must properly form, and use the company to gain both the protections and benefits of a corporate structure. Further, you need to consider things like names, emails, domains, productivity tools, accounting solutions, technology, and personnel. Setting up your company, and getting ready to go right the first time, will save you from embarrassing moments, and ensure that your business has the best chances to succeed.

Growing a business

Are you past the start-up phase, and looking to grow your company? Are you trying to improve processes? Build your team? Add on new products or services, or improve your market positioning? Whatever your needs are we can help. Our team has helped companies of all sizes both prosper and grow. More importantly, we are good at asking the right questions to identify the ideal areas for growth, and we are also excellent at implementing them with you.

Maintaining a Business

Are you happy with where your company is right now? Are you enjoying steady revenue streams? If so, that is awesome! And welcome to the top. But don’t get too comfortable. Whenever there is a profit in a market, people will try and take your market share away. Even if you have patents and processes in place, you should regularly evaluate your position, risks, and ensure that you are proactively a step ahead of the competition.

Corporate Strategy

Every business is different and unique. While there are some come areas in defining your corporate strategy, it is key to identifying where you are today, where you want to be, and how you will get there. Our team of experts works hand in hand with you to identify, flesh out, and refine your goals and direction. We go further by looking into the marketplace, and all relevant variables in order to make the most well-informed decision, and empower you and your company’s direction.

Business Advisor

Businesses tend to run into walls of either bandwidth or expertise. Finding a solution, can be challenging and even require you to hire someone or a team full time. But that is where we come in. Save time, money, and the headache of new hires by bringing a team of experienced business advisors into your company. From short strategic evaluations to ongoing support, direction and advisement, let us help you.

Think Tank & Idea Development

Are you looking for new ideas? Do you need help brainstorming? Or do you have something that you needs to be fleshed out and evaluated for viability? We love challenges, and looking at new projects. From taking down a competitor to creating new niche solutions, our team is comprised of geniuses, JD/MBAs, due diligence experts, investigators and seasoned veterans that can bring a unique perspective, dig deep, and ask, and even answer, the difficult questions.